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Waste Recycling Center

Waste Recycling Center

The Waste Recycling Center allows you to manually convert batches of waste into energy, ore and water.  The more waste you convert, the longer it will take to make the resources you want.  The higher the level of the building the more waste can be converted in one process.  You can also spend a small amount of Essentia to convert the waste instantly. 

You must have a Waste Sequestration Well to store waste before you can recycle it.

Playing tip: The Waste Recycling Center during the early stages of a colonies development can be an effective way to keep waste under control.   The initial amount this can recycle per hour is about 1000.  This amount though only increases by about 100 units per level.  The trash production of a medium developed colony will fast outpace what this building can recycle.



Keywords: Energy Buildings Ore Buildings Storage Buildings Waste Buildings Water Buildings

0Tralala French: "If you check your colony twice a day, you'll get it to process maybe 3 hours per day then stop while you're gone (at level 1). Then each level adds some hours of processing waste as it can take in a larger batch, so it's well worth upgrading it until it processes waste most of the day.

At some high level even if it were processing waste all day it will cost more than it produces (or be inferior to the productivity of any other waste processing building) so it's better then to use anything else. You should keep one of those because waste production goes up and down (from construction mostly) and running out of waste will damage your GOOD waste processing buildings so you must keep it balanced."
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