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Zones are the names given to different areas in the Lacuna Expanse.

The center zone 0,0 is the largest of the zones and is by far the most densly populated. Also much of it has been claimed by Space Stations or the systems have colonies with SAWs in them that make expansion in this zone particularly difficult.

The Neutral Zone (-3|0) is an area specifically set aside as a hostilities free zone.  Any player engaging in hostile action in that zone is subject to severe punishment by other players.

Also refer to the Population by Zone article to see general populations of zones.


3fecund: "They are square or rectangular in shape, and based 250-unit multiples of the coordinate system.

Each zone (with the exception of 0|0 is 250x250. 0|0 is double that (goes from -249,-249 to 249,249).  So zone 1|1 is 250,250 to 499,499."
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